PM Trudeau’s Gaffes are Adding Up

Here are three new, troubling gaffes made by Canadian PM Justin Trudeau while on his cross country town hall tour in this past week. Also, below By George added a couple other serious misspeaks Justin Trudeau has made in talking to Canadians at his town hall events. 


Brock Blaszczyk, who lost a leg to a roadside bomb in Afghanistan in 2009, takes the microphone.  Question: I was prepared to be killed in action, what I wasn’t prepared for, Mr. Prime Minister, is Canada turning its back on me.

And Trudeau says…
Thank you sir, thank you. Thank you for being here today to share your justifiable passion and frustration and anger with me…On a couple elements you brought up. First of all, why are we still fighting against certain veterans groups in court? Because they are asking for more than we are able to give right now.



Canadians are familiar with Omar Khadr, the ISIS terrorist who received $10-million compensation settlement from Canadian government. Most recently, PM Trudeau has stated Canadian citizens who joined, or supported ISIL in some capacity, can return to Canada. So, an Edmonton father asked…. I need to know how you’re going to protect future Canadians, like my young daughter, 10, 15, 20 years from now, when you’re letting people in with an ideology that just doesn’t conform to what we are doing here.

And Trudeau compares ISIS refugees with Italian immigrants in saying…
Well, I can tell you when Italian families settled in Montreal in the postwar years, they faced terrible discrimination, and people who pushed back at them and said, “No, no, no, you don’t belong here, you don’t speak English or French. Every wave of immigration has faced push-back, because of how they dressed or how they sounded or what their belief or religion was…



A Canadian was asking the PM a question regarding conservative religious policies… saying, “Maternal love is going to change the future of mankind,” the questioner said.

And Trudeau interrupted her to correct her,

“We like to say ‘peoplekind,’ not necessarily ‘mankind,’ because it’s more inclusive.”


And this exchange has gone viral with its condemnation and ridicule of the PM…

  • Australian columnist Rita Panahi called him the “Kim Kardashian of political leaders; an all-style, no-substance himbo with all the depth of a puddle.”
  • On US TV show “Fox and Friends”, University of Toronto professor Jordan Peterson, slammed his use of the word “peoplekind.” “That indicates precisely the way he thinks, and I don’t think he does think. I think he runs an ideology in his head and accepts the output without question,” Peterson said. “And I think we’re really going to pay for it in Canada, in ways that we can’t yet imagine.”
  • Piers Morgan, British media personality sarcastically wrote in The Daily Mail, “Mankind ended last night… His denunciation of mankind has turned him from caring, sharing feminist heartthrob into a global laughing stock.” Morgan also observed on Good Morning Britain “But it’s one thing for snowflake students and professors to pull dumb stunts. It’s quite another for the culprit to be the Prime Minister of the world’s second largest geographical country.”



At a previous staged town hall event, the event host lobs Trudeau a softie about what country (besides Canada) he admires most.

And Trudeau says….
There is a level of admiration I actually have for China, because their basic dictatorship is actually allowing them to turn their economy around on a dime.



At a Trudeau town hall in Sherbrooke Quebec in 2017; question: Of particular concern in this area are services to minority populations. Most of the public services in this area are available in French only…I would really appreciate your comment on this subject.

And Trudeau says…
Merci. Thank you. (And switches to French). If you’ll allow me, I’ll respond in French, so everyone can understand. Thank you for using our country’s two official languages, but we’re in Quebec, so I’ll answer in French.


So, how many of these embarrassing clips do you think you will see in the 2019 federal election?




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