What to make of information from the Internet


Rachel Marsden, Canadian political observer, has written of a recent mistake where a Nicaraguan military leader unintentionally “invaded” a neighbouring country’s territory, having depended solely on the on-line information he received from Google Maps.  This article is interesting (admittedly amusing) and is a very good example of why we must not rely on Internet resources as the authority in our pursuit of factual information. Marsden’s conclusion is bang-on:


     …people have become far too accepting of the Internet as a valuable source of information rather than taking it for what it really is: A clearinghouse of crap and a garage sale of information in which you might possibly find a gem that needs to be appraised. Anything taken from anywhere on the Internet ought to be constantly questioned and double-sourced, especially if the consequence of not doing so is war—even if only in your own personal world.


Read her article: How the Internet Invaded a Country and Could Start a War for You! here:



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