The Election Race in Verse

Following the federal election? Huh….

Over the course of the election campaign, By George Journal has made a few observations and raised some issues – and provided a regular joke of the week. Yet, it seems we’re speaking into an echo chamber. There’s been so little feedback that we’ve turned to fractured poetry to record the election experience.  

A fractured poem employs bursts of words, often breaking with normal syntax, in order to draw attention to what is being said and the way it is said. Twitter provides an ideal format to deliver very short, fractured poetry. (ed. – We thank Kath Hollinsworth for giving us this idea of writing verse on the election).

As this race take s the turn towards the home stretch, here’s fractured poetry to bring home the ponies…


 our half-baked meal, the healthcare scare

disengaged nation, a democratic flagellation


C’mon, rise up! Rise Up!

complacency, apathy

disconnects, disgust

how do we begin again?

our democracy’s in ruins


all trails lead to raised platforms

plastic smiles, pivoting heads, hand gestures

hollow men in an endless comedy


blue-red, right-left

anti-democratic, coalitions

rhetoric, shouting

real concerns: a job, a house,

some regularity


NDP surge! Liberal merge?

Harper to answer 5 questions: but why

Canucks deaf to politics

Bring on the Hawks


These 5 fractured poems first appeared via By George’s Twitter feed:!/ByGeorgeJournal

Kath Hollinsworth Tweets are here:!/KathHollin

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