Media Preparedness Primers

(ed. – Here’s the third repost – and last of our “3 favourites from 2009”… actually, with this repost, we’ve provided five links below to the entire series of articles we presented on media preparedness – articles that have had many eyeballs and good feedback through the years.)

INTRO:  Earlier this year, CG&A COMMUNICATIONS conducted a media preparedness session at which we answered some fundamental questions about working with media. In the following five posts we’ll provide a brief recap of some of the key ideas conveyed in our presentations. For example, here are three important questions a spokesperson must first answer to effectively deal with the media.

Media Preparedness (1) – Your Approach

Media Preparedness (2) – Preparing Yourself

Media Preparedness (3) – Rules to Remember

Media Preparedness (4) – Insight into The #1 Rule

Media Preparedness (5) – Your By George Practice Drills

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