Guideposts to effective social media practices

typewriter3Add Value You will attract and keep great connections with others if you add value to your on-line community. Contribute; be thoughtfully engaging; exchange ideas. Don’t be irrelevant or constantly promoting your brand. Before posting anything, ask yourself “Am I providing value to my community?”

Engage and Exchange – and Listen – Maintaining good, meaningful relationships requires two-way conversations – not  monologues, but exchanges of ideas and feelings. Again, your on-line presence must be engaging. Most importantly, in your conversations, listen to those people who comment on your blog post or are tweeting at you. Always respond… engage.

Give More than You Receive – Your social media experience is like any other part of your life – you get what you give – and you get more when you give more. You cannot expect that because you have a Twitter account or a new blog that people will have an interest in what you are doing. There is no magic to gaining attention in an on-line community – simply begin by giving more, and you will find people will notice your efforts.


(ed. – If you missed it, check out the Journal’s recent post: Current Social Media Trends ).


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