Basics of Developing “Good SM Content”

Businesses and organizations can build loyal followings with their social media – and this will often depend directly on whether blog posts, FB walls, and/or tweets provide good content.  Which begs the question… “What’s good content?” There’s no one answer to what it is; however, good content should add some value – by being relevant, informative and/or interesting.  Here are some basic points to consider when developing your social media materials.

  • Provide insight and opinion – share knowledge. Be informative and interesting. Post information on your blog, provide how-to videos, white papers. Become a reliable resource for your followers. By doing so, you will garner a reputation for good content from your business peers and customers – and this on-line buzz should be golden.
  •  Tell stories. On-line loyalties are forged with shared experiences – and the best way to foster greater understanding about who you are and what you stand for is to tell stories. Relate an experience. Provide a glimpse of your soul – of how you approach matters. This is as true for a business as it is for a person. A great story will draw a person in – and could begin an engagement that will grow into a loyal follower.
  • Comment on headline news / current events. Pull from the events of the world around us – and make them relevant for your follower. Explain the significant of the headline/event to your business/organization and provide commentary that will leave your follower with something to think about.
  • Conduct Interviews. Provide statements and quotes from an interview with an expert, a staff member, or a noted personality. Provide various perspectives and observations so that your followers learn more about those things that are important to your business/organization.
  • Use external examples and resources. Link to further webpages of information that help make your point. Citing reference materials is very helpful to those wanting to learn more about an issue – and your aiding this process will be remembered.

Finally, here are two hints that will help to make your content better noticed. #1 Be sure to write great headlines – to grab the interest of your followers. #2. Where possible and practical, think of visuals that might provide strong reinforcements.

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