Skills required for a SM Go-to Guy

Like all PR activities, your social media plan will only be as good as those you have to execute it. What skills and experience should you be looking for in your SM go-to guy?  Here are four core digital skills as a base requirement:

  1. Talent to create content that delivers the impact required on the various platforms used in your activity. (This is more than persuasive text-based content and includes design, visual imagery and audio-visual materials as means of influencing people. )
  2. Ability in growing and engaging a community of followers with two-way conservations that provide valuable input and feedback.
  3. Understanding of basic online analytical tools for monitoring Twitter, Facebook, the blogosphere etc. – AND – ability to interpret data to measure effectiveness of the activity’s reach and impact.
  4. Understanding of search engines and the ability to optimize text, images and video so your followers will be able to find them with ease.

Like all PR activities, it comes down to developing great content and knowing how to use it.  If you want to have a great SM initiative, you need skilled SM communicators.


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