Your Checklist for Effective Meetings

Through this week, the By George Journal has posted some helpful tips on how to make the meetings you attend more effective, more relevant to your work and/or interests. We start this feature by providing you with a useful checklist (this advice has been taken from the By George Treasury). We trust these tips will make for more efficient and productive meetings in the future.

We suggest you clip and save this checklist for effective meetings!

  • Have an agenda and circulate it prior to the meeting. Ensure the agenda expresses the objective of the meeting.
  • Invite the correct people at the meeting those who have information to contribute or must follow-through on what is being shared.
  • Prepare yourself and know the issues to be discussed.
  • Circulate materials prior to the meeting, if there are articles or items that will be discussed.
  • Start the meeting on time. Keep the meeting moving along by sticking to the agenda.
  • Announce expectations at the outset of the meeting. Should the discussion be derailed, bring the meeting back on track by restating the objective(s) and expectations.
  • Be attentive to the person speaking — do not begin sidebar conversations or be reading or completing paperwork while a person is talking. You expect common courtesy from others, so practice it yourself.
  • If you are the Chair, attempt to engage all the participants in the discussion. This will ensure everyone is on the same page.
  • At the end of the meeting, review discussion and decisions made and any action items for follow-up to the meeting.
  • Attempt to keep the meeting to 60 minutes — spend as little time as is needed to understand the issues and agree on action items.


(ed. –We have tagged “meetings” and these articles you can find many more tips for conducting an effective meeting.)


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