Are you hooking eyeballs and twitching trigger fingers?


Is your social media content effective? Does it catch a person’s eye? Does it prompt someone to click thru? Consider these pointers when reviewing the effectiveness of your content.

Your message should be targeted and delivered in a variety of ways over multiple sm platforms. Key is the fact that sm is not direct selling – but rather two-way communications. Therefore, content needs to engage your potential clients. You will want to build conversations and attract, inform and educate your readers. Instead of blatantly promoting products and services, try promoting your ideas. Share news and research; provide latest interesting stats; and survey your readers for feedback. Need input? – then provide rewards and incentives for responses. 

What kind of content are we speaking about? There is a great deal involved in making a digital footprint in an on-line community and the time you put into your content development will impact directly on the chances of successfully making your content noteworthy. Think:  digital press kits and on-line media releases, Website and blog copy, audio and video scripts, slide presentations, Facebook pages, Twitter feed, landing pages, LinkedIn Forums, case studies and white papers,  e-books, podcasts and webinars – and yes, even advertising copy.

Here’s the key:  the secret to good sm content is its brevity. Today, digital readers really don’t read very much. Scanning text is an extremely common behavior for higher-literacy users. Recent research shows that 79 percent of users always scanned any new page they came across; only 16 percent read word-by-word.

(ed. – This article is an excerpt of an earlier 2011 By George post, entitled Effective social media for retail, B2B and issue management. The full article can be seen clicking here.)

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