Rejuvenate Yourself!

Need an inspirational break, or a motivational boost?  Here are some probing thoughts and questions to pose to yourself. Through reflection, you just may clear that mental hurdle and complete your day “in a sprint.”

10 morning thoughts to a productive day   

  • In welcoming a new day, breathe deeply. Take time to settle into the moment.
  • Set one or two goals for the day. Tell yourself a story about how you will meet these goals.
  • Pick a skill/habit you would like to focus on today. Write it down. Revisit it throughout the day.
  • Place somewhere close to you a list of your values and pause throughout the day to reflect on them.
  • After an hour into it, reflect on the goals set. How is what you are doing working towards those goals? Is a shift in focus needed?
  • Take a moment to settle into your next task. Notice your 5 senses, your thoughts, your feelings.
  • Needing a mental break? Sit without any external & internal input. Appreciate the now. Experience your five senses. Notice the physical. Notice any thoughts. Notice any feelings.
  • Step outside and breathe in the outdoors air. Feel the sun shining on your face. Appreciate the gifts of the outdoors. Is there a breeze? What do you hear?
  • Reflect on the day so far. Revisit your written goals for the day. Visualize your actions to achieve these goals.
  • Let go of the morning and refocus on the one or two things you can do today to move yourself forward

3 questions to help you through your day 

  • How are you feeling at this very moment? Anger. Sadness. Fear. Guilt. Gratitude. Happiness. Hopefulness. Pride. What does this suggest you want and/or need? How can you healthfully address your feelings?
  • What can you focus on appreciating today to provide you with balance when you struggle? What do you appreciate about this day? What are you grateful for?
  • In what small ways are you moving towards your goals today? What might you shift for tomorrow?

3 pointers for the end of the day 

  • What helps you to separate from life’s stresses in the evening? Make time for one or two activities that bring you true relaxation. Relax, meditate, exercise, cook a favourite meal, spend time with friends, try a new activity…
  • As the day winds down, reflect on its meaning & small blessings.
  • Sleep is an essential piece. Dim the lights, turn off the TV or computer, let go of your worries, be mindful of becoming drowsy.


This post has been inspired by the constant chirping of Mindful Spark, a Twitter feed @MindfulSpark.

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