E-book “Becoming Better Communicators” now available


The e-book Becoming Better Communicators is now available and

can be purchased on-line at the By George Store. Here is the index of

what you will find in this helpful handbook:

  • By Way of an Introduction…
  • Guiding Principles to Being a Better Communicator
  • Our Advice on What You Can Do Personally
  • Others’ Advice on What You Can Do Personally
  • 10 Tips on Becoming a Better Communicator at Your Desk
  • Always Be Ready to Answer that Question: “What Do You Do?”
  • Participating in More Effective Conversations
  • Pointers to Improving Workplace Communications
  • 3 Tips on Being a Good Conversationalist
  • Improving Your Working Exchanges
  • 3 Classic Parables for Workplace Communications
  • 4 Things You Can Do Personally to Contribute to Success in Your Workplace
  • Our Advice on Working More Efficiently
  • 3 Tips on Improving Your Image at Work
  • 5 Exercises to Support Self-Improvement
  • “Where do I start?”
  • About Chris George / About By George Journal

You can purchase Becoming Better Communicators for $5

by going to the e-bookshelf in the By George Store.

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