5 Social Media Tools to Make a Statement

Social media is all about sharing experiences, observations and talents (as we have shared many times in BGJfor example). Here are 5 essential sm tools that will help you develop a voice and make an impressionable statement on-line. 

If you have something to say you need somewhere to say it. A personal blog provides the on-line space to express yourself. Write articles of interest. Post and share. Give of your knowledge and opinions.
Millions are on Facebook. You and your business must be where the people are gathering. Locate your target community(s) and those who would like to hear from you. Post – comment. Engage.
A personal and/or business Twitter channel provides the opportunity to share a regular stream of thought. It is very important not to tweet garbage; rather tweet interesting observations and facts. We tweet and RT quotes. We will also enter into exchanges with others on a daily basis. It’s your “virtual water-cooler break.”
If done right, a newsletter can be a great way to brand yourself, promote your company, highlight your company culture, and provide useful information to your target audience(s).
White Papers and e-books
People like to gain insight into subject areas or tips on self-development and providing your expertise in a white paper or e-book is one way to share your knowledge. Highlight your knowledge and then showcase your offerings on your website, Facebook, Twitter and blog.

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