5-sure-ways to get more out of your day

1. Get Out of Bed Earlier:  Get up 30-60 minutes earlier each day and take that extra time to do something important – before the daily grind. Set your thoughts and your attitude for the day by reading, exercising, planning.

2. Tackle the Important Tasks First:  Make “to-do lists” and prioritize your tasks. Set a specific amount of time aside, focus your attention, and stay locked on the important task(s). Smaller, less urgent tasks can wait… concentrate for the full amount of the time allotted the tasks(s).

3. Stop Checking Email/Twitter/Facebook etc Regularly:  Control your impulses and curiousity to check your e-mail, etc.  Don’t check your connections first thing – and set a schedule to check them only 2-3 times a day. Set specific time aside to deal with e-mails, etc.

4. Reduce Interruptions:  During your “productive” time slots, keep your door close. Resist any social media or procrastinating activities. Let your calls go to voicemail. Share your need for privacy with your co-workers.

5. Make Time for Yourself at the End of the Day:  Free up 20 or 30 minutes every evening. Spend this bit of extra time on something important to you. Relax your mind with a pleasurable pursuit.

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