5 Steps to Mastering Your Performance (Ericsson)

Anders Ericsson,FloridaStatepsychology professor, has presented us with a “deep practice” method that will produce lifelong “improved performance in a specific domain.” Follow these five steps (for a decade-plus) and you can become a master of your desired endeavor.

  • Deliberate practice has one objective: to improve performance. If you are doing a task but once a week, you will not get better at doing that task. Ericsson: “Deliberate practice is about changing your performance, setting new goals and training yourself to reach a bit higher each time.”
  • Repeat, repeat, repeat. Repetition matters. Don’t settle for what you did yesterday. Do it again. Do more.
  • Seek constant, critical feedback. If you don’t know how you are doing, you won’t know what to improve.
  • Focus ruthlessly on where you need help. Ericsson: “Those who get better work on their weaknesses.”
  • Prepare for the process to be mentally and physically exhausting. That is why so few people commit to it; that’s why it works.


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