iPhones, Blackberries and respecting others

Here’s a pet peeve… So, how annoyed are you when someone who is speaking with you stops in mid-sentence to look down at his/her Blackberry? Or, when in a middle of a meeting presentation, a phone will go off and a person jumps up and exits the room with “Hello – wait one minute while I get somewhere where I can talk.”  In our modern world of 24-7 communications there is no common courtesies anymore. It’s frustrating, annoying – and must change.


This is a By George post from a few years ago that makes some sense of this matter —


In an opinion column from the Wall Street Journal last week, Canadian Rachel Marsden hit the nail on the head lamenting about the lack of respect and obvious narcissistic behaviour of people today with their cell phones, iPhones and BlackBerries.  She opines:

        In the old days, cowboys would take their guns out of their holster in the saloon and place them on the table in polite company. Conversational breaks involving actual use of that accessory occurred exclusively in the event of a life-and-death situation. So if the person on the other end isn’t dying, and you aren’t a heart surgeon, then there is no reason for you to be on your BlackBerry or iPhone.

       To many people, it doesn’t matter much who calls or what they want. What matters is that the call reflects our existence back upon us. They wanted us, and that is an emergency. Because we won’t feel truly wanted again until the next email, text or call. Our wants. Our needs. Our relentless Twitter stream of banal ramblings…


And I really liked her conclusion:

       Too many people seem to be grasping for ways to connect with others while rarely actually connecting in a way that has true value or significance. What so many people end up with is something that looks like a connection from the outside as they text each other a million times a day, or sign notes with “much love.” Sadly, that’s the new standard of personal value in this technological era.


Click here to read the whole of the column, Technology and the New ‘Me’ Generation / Computers and cell phones have become the narcissist’s best friends.


(ed. – This is a repost of an article that first appeared in By George in January 2010. The original article is here.)  



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