6 Steps of Effective Advocacy

Advocacy 101… the six steps…


  1. Plan: Write your objectives and course of action down on paper and discuss with all participants.


  1. Identify target audience: Get specific about who you want to reach and develop your lists.


  1. Focus theme and message(s): Take time and pay attention to your messaging — be clear, concise, precise and use engaging language.


  1. Develop tools and tactics: Answer the question, “what will best make our point?”, and develop presentation materials that will be effective with your chosen audience(s).


  1. Implement plan and analyse response (and revise messages if necessary): Constantly monitor your exchanges and you might need to revise and redeliver the messages.


  1. Follow-through: You will foster strong relationships and realize goals when you pay attention to the details and follow-through with all leads.


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