Canadian Mottos

Is it possible to sum up our country in an all-encompassing motto? A few years ago the National Post editorial board conducted a contest to define ‘Canada’ in six words or less.

Here are the top ten finalists:

  • Medicare, we’re dying to keep it – C.N. Johannesson, Calgary
  • If countries are clothes, we’re cardigans – Paul Meyer and Jane Power, Montrose, BC
  • Life, liberty and pursuit of hockey-ness – Lawrence JHickman, Victoria
  • Proud to be humble – Nesta Morrise, Unionville, Ontario
  • Double, Double, from Sea to Sea – Pat Harrise, Toronto
  • Canada: Mostly OK – Sandy Baillie, Munster, Ontario
  • From inquiry to inquiry – Gord Nixon – Barrie, Ontario
  • Endless possibilities squandered in political correctness – Gary Valcour, Oshawa, Ontario
  • Canada – a home for the world – Deborah Torenvliet, Ottawa, Ontario
  • Canada: Nobody gives a puck – Charles Cook, Toronto, Ontario

From the hundreds of entries published by the paper, here are a dozen favourites selected by the By George scribes:

  • Mediocre, and reasonably proud of it
  • Bad weather, punishing taxes, cold beer
  • Canada: scenery, greenery, political chicanery
  • Canada: United in diversity
  • Lest ever should we understand ourselves
  • Rights without responsibilities
  • Universal health care or die waiting
  • Land of inferiority complexes
  • We’ll tolerate anything, except intolerance
  • Canada, a play by Paul Henderson
  • Canada, nine equal provinces and Quebec
  • Beauty, eh?

BTW – the winner of the paper’s contest was…

Canada – a home for the world

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