Top-10 Modern Phrases Originating from a Shakespeare Play


Here are the Merriam-Webster on-line dictionary’s top-10 phrases used in our language today that have been taken from one of the masterful Bard’s works.


#1: Green-Eyed Monster

#2: In a Pickle

#3: Love is Blind

#4: Salad Days

#5: Wear My Heart on My Sleeve

#6: There’s the Rub

#7: Cruel to Be Kind

#8: Wild Goose Chase

#9: Dogs of War

#10: Strange Bedfellows


To have the sayings sourced and to learn of their common usage today, we encourage you to go to the dictionary’s slide presentation.


(ED. – This is a repost that originally appeared in By George Journal in July 2010.)

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