Tips on Productivity

We all want to be more productive – to get more out of our day. Here are some tips the busy beavers at By George have drawn up to churn out more.

  • Make “to-do” lists and prioritize the items. Then write down the order you will tackle the list. Try identifying a small list of priority items that you can tackle first.
  • Start your day by focusing on one priority task. Set yourself in the right direction by ignoring your emails and social media – get to your priorities.
  • Create a system for managing those daily things that cramp your productivity – like e-mails or phone chats.
  • Plan a morning, afternoon, and evening time slot for managing all daily routines.
  • Follow the 80/20 rule. 20 percent of what you do each day produces 80 percent of your results. Move those few items that produce the greatest results higher up as priority items on your “to-do” list.
  • Take planned breaks. Go for a walk, grab something to eat, workout, or meditate – give your brain some resting time.

A few more tips:

  • Pick up the phone when it will save time. The digital world has created poor communication habits. Email is a productivity killer and usually a distraction from tasks that actually matter. Instead of crafting yet another response via e-mail, schedule a call.
  • Think twice before setting meetings. If there isn’t an important decision to be made, don’t meet.
  • Manage your stress. When you start to worry, realize it is an indication that you care about something, not a cause for panic. Focus on what you can control. Put out of your mind those things that you can’t.


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