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By George Journal has presented many articles to enliven your workplace and casual conversations- from tips on being a good conversationalist to lists of one-liners to spice up your statements. Check the posts tagged “in-conversation.”


Here are a few posts you may be interested in:


On of our favourite posts was: Question Re: A Special Party Guest List

Here is a wonderful question to pose while swirling your cocktail tonight. It is sure to prompt a lot of interesting conversations.

In planning for a cocktail party, you are given a magical opportunity to invite a total of 3 people currently living and 3 people from the past.  Aside from all your immediate friends and family members, who would be on your special guest list?

For the record, here’s who would be at a George party:

Sir John A Macdonald / Ernest Hemingway / Ralph Waldo Emerson / Bruce Springsteen / Bob Gainey / John Irving


This post – all of these posts – can be found in posts tagged in-conversation.

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