Rudy Giuliani’s thoughts on leadership

From the man who has provided this world with a living and breathing definition of leadership, here are Rudy Giuliani’s six principles of crisis leadership.

1.  Have a Vision – having a plan and the ideas to make it a reality are the most important qualities a leader can have. You can’t lead other people unless you stand for something.
2.  Be an Optimist – When people follow, what they’re following are hopes, dreams, fulfillment of dreams. They’re following solutions to problems.
3.  Have Courage – Courage is managing fear. It’s not the absence of fear.
4.  Put in Hard Work – Hard work doesn’t necessarily mean putting in long hours it means relentless preparation. Whatever the undertaking, you need to put the time into thinking through its every facet and the consequences of taking different routes. Relentless preparing for what’s expected will help solve problems when faced with the unexpected.
5.  Understand the Value of Teamwork – Learning how to compensate for your own deficiencies through teamwork is the mark of a successful leader. If you can figure out what those things are that you don’t do well and you can get people to balance them with their strengths, your organization just got better.
6.  Be a Communicator – You have to be able to get your ideas from you to other people a leader has to be able to teach the plan to other people.

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