We believe the power of words is a magnificent thing

CG&A_LOGO[1]At CG&A COMM, Content is (Still) King

The power of words is a magnificent thing. Out of profound respect of language, the wordsmiths at CG&A COMMUNICATIONS ply their copy-writing skills to craft content that makes an impression and moves people.

In a press interview from a few years ago, company president (and By George Journal editor) Chris George was quoted to explain a strategic approach to writing and content development. “With the explosion of social media in our business and personal space, the PR adage of ‘Content is King’ is increasingly significant for all of us. Anyone with something to say and wanting to be heard must confront the hurricane of images and words that are continuously blasted at us. To get noticed over this maelstrom, you need quality content that is engaging and persuasive.”

“While it’s a fact that it’s never been easier to express yourself, it’s never been harder to be heard, understood, and appreciated,” George observed.

The attention to detail and to crafting core messages has always set CG&A COMMUNICATIONS writing services and advocacy work apart from other PR/GR services. The difference? The scribes within the CG&A network are wordsmiths and advocates first and foremost: from traditional writing of press releases and speeches, brochure copy and documents; to developing social media content with digital press releases and copy for blogs, Facebook and Twitter pages.

CG&A writing has been described as “persuasive”, “engaging”, and “informative.” The company’s services have been described as “reliable”, “empowering”, and “a God-send.”

George says, “One of our favourite quotes is a Ralph Waldo Emerson observation, “To be understood is a luxury.” We suggest organizations connect with our braintrust and let us provide them with that luxury.”

CG&A is providing “the write stuff” with its Communications Concierge Service (a Virtual Assistant who is your personal go-to scribe) and its Communications Tune-up offering.


Chris George, providing reliable PR counsel and effective advocacy. Need a go-to writer and experienced communicator? Call 613-983-0801 @ CG&A COMMUNICATIONS.


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