Habits and ways of rich, successful people


Here is a great list to review and internalize:

Rich people always keep their goals in sight. They will say. “I focus on my goals every day.”

And they know what needs to be done today. Many maintain daily to-do lists.

They make a point of going above and beyond at the office.

They aren’t hoping to win the jackpot. No belief in lucky bounces – as they create their opportunities

They watch their waistline.

And they take care of their smiles.

Rich people believe that their health influences their success.

Rich people believe their habits have a major impact on their lives.

They don’t watch TV. They read … but not for fun. Many are big into audio books.

Rich people value relationships for professional and personal growth — love meeting new people.

Successful people think that saving is hugely important. They will say, “Saving money is critical to financial success.”

Rich people enjoy their jobs.

Rich people are willing to take risks.

Rich people value creativity over intelligence.

Rich people feel that they determine their path in life.

Rich people believe in the American dream. The vast majority of rich people believed that wealth is a big part of the American dream (94%) — and that the dream is still possible.


This is a list combined from two articles…first read in The Business Insider magazine. Find the articles in whole – here and here.

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