9 ways highly successful people think differently

bg062The Financial Post’s Business Insider recently published an insightful list of how successful people think differently than everyone else. Here are the 9 differentiating factors:

  • Instead of leaving unproductive policies in place, they change them.
  • Instead of just having a job, they have a craft.
  • Instead of trying to change everything about a company, they focus on one important factor that ripples out.
  • Instead of trying to come up with something completely original, they borrow from the best.
  • Instead of following a schedule, they stick to an agenda.
  • Instead of accepting the standard definition of success, they reframe it for themselves.
  • Instead of letting big-picture thinking happen on its own, they schedule it.
  • Instead of adhering to industry tradition, they change the industry.
  • Instead of looking for the right answer, they try to find the right question.

To read insight on these factors, you can access the full article here: Business Insider.


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