Quiz: Canadian Prime Ministers

To coincide with celebrating the 200th birthday of our country’s first Prime Minister Sir John. A Macdonald, Historica Canada* released a (rather tough) quiz to test Canadians’ knowledge of their prime ministers. Test yourself…


  1. Which Prime Minister served for the shortest amount of time, just 69 days?
  2. In 1951, which Prime Minister became the first to live at 24 Sussex Drive?
  3. Who is the only Prime Minister since 1951 not to live at 24 Sussex Drive?
  4. Who was the first Prime Minister born in Canada?
  5. While vacationing in Barbados, which future Prime Minister saw former Prime Minister John Diefenbaker struggling in the ocean and pulled him to shore?
  6. Which Prime Minister refused the offer of knighthood three times, making him the only one of the first eight Prime Ministers not to be knighted?
  7. In the 1926 federal election, what future Prime Minister lost the Prince Albert seat to Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King?
  8. Which Prime Minister died of a heart attack at Britain’s Windsor Castle shortly after meeting with Queen Victoria?
  9. The father of which Prime Minister served as a cabinet minister in four different Liberal governments?
  10. Which Prime Minister initially favoured a flag design with three maple leafs and blue bars instead of red?
  11. Which Prime Minister introduced income tax to Canada, meant to be a temporary measure?
  12. Who was the youngest person to become Canadian Prime Minister at age 39?
  13. Which Prime Minister presided over the creation of Canada’s Navy, a move that contributed to his defeat in the next election?
  14. Which Prime Minister competed on the Reach for the Top television quiz show with his Toronto high school?
  15. Who was the only Prime Minister born in New Brunswick (although he represented an Alberta riding)?
  16. Which Prime Minister at one point owned the Belleville Intelligencer, a newspaper that opened in 1834 and still operates today?
  17. Which future Prime Minister acted as a student advisor to Prime Minister John Diefenbaker?
  18. Who was the first Prime Minister born after Confederation?
  19. Who was Prime Minister when Canada was appointed its first woman governor-general, Jeanne Sauvé?
  20. “The Farm,” the official residence of the Speaker of the House of Commons, was owned by which former Prime Minister (and is where that Prime Minister died)?
  21. Which Prime Minister shares a birthday with Sir John A. on January 11?

To see the answers to these questions, scroll to the bottom of the Canada.com post on the history of Canada’s Prime Ministers, where this list of questions was first seen.

*Historica Canada is the largest independent organization devoted to enhancing awareness of Canadian history and citizenship. Visit www.HistoricaCanada.ca


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