SM Content that Pops


Today there is just too much to read. Across the social media platforms, there is too much see.

That is why, when you get a set of eyeballs on your content, you had better ensure it leaps off the screen and pulls the reader in. It needs to offer a sensation. It needs to be very good writing. It needs to be memorable. Your content needs to pop!

Here are some suggestions to craft captivating your social media:

  • Write real good stories – interesting, topical; posts that capture the readers’ interests or make readers take a moment to think
  • Grab your readers’ attention – with punchy headlines and subheads, pull quotes and an interesting graphic; use all tactics to first capture their senses
  • Package and re-package – be consistent and persuasive in delivering your key messages; make your storyline compelling; and, re-package and re-post materials
  • Deliver multimedia – enrich your printed word with images, video and audio where possible; create graphics – perhaps an infographic or a stylized pull quote

An average reader might spend only seconds on your page to determine whether they will invest any more time in reading your content. Even then, in a few seconds, if the content is not engaging, they will click elsewhere. There must be a lot at play if you are to attract a reader through your piece.

For more tips on writing good social media content, By George Journal has many writing tips in their archives. Click: Tagged “writing”

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