10 Facts on Mobile Marketing

With the dramatic increase in smartphone and tablet use, marketers are realizing that mobile is a key opportunity to engage with customers.  Consider these 10 statistics.


1. The open rate of SMS is 98 percent compared with 22 percent for emails. (Source: Venture Beat).

2. When compared to e-mails, text messages are proven to be 8 times more effective at engaging customers. (Source: Cellit)

3. Seven (7) in 10 mobile browser searches lead to action within an hour — 40 percent of those searches are on tablets and 60 percent on smartphones. (Source: iAcquire)

4. Nine (9) out of 10 smartphone shoppers used their devices to buy products while at a brick-and-mortar store. (Source: emarketer.com)

5. Mobile marketing ad spend grew more than 100 percent in 2013. (Source: Mobile Marketing Watch)

6. More than 4 in 10 – 43 percent – of customers are more likely to make a purchase when mobile offers are part of an orchestrated campaign that unfolds over time across multiple channels. (Source: Responsys)

7. Nearly two-thirds of consumers subscribed to mobile marketing indicate that they have made a purchase as a result of receiving a highly relevant mobile message. (Source: Responsys)

8. A solid majority 70 percent of consumers found all types of push notifications, including order updates and location-based messages, to be valuable. (Source: Responsys)

9. More than two-thirds – 68 percent of consumers – who have downloaded a brand’s app have enabled push notifications. (Source: Responsys)

10. Last year, an estimated 54 million consumers in the U.S. used smartphone coupons and in is noteworthy that these mobile offers are redeemed 10x more frequently than print offers. (Source: eMarketer)

With these compelling stats, the key message is “go mobile.””


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