12 stellar elections quotes of past 6 months


As the curtain goes down on Parliament’s centre stage and we enter the federal election campaigns’ summer BBQ circuits, the By George Journal unveils its best 12 election-related quotes of the first half of 2015

These quotes are selected because they are core to the election themes Canadians will hear repeatedly and have played out over the duration of the campaign.

The By George Journal’s Dozen Stellar Election Quotes of January – June 2015

  1. “It is a prudent and principled plan that will see Canadians more prosperous, more secure and ever more confident in our country’s place in the world, The dramatic plunge in oil prices has taken its toll on our economy. Still, the news for Canada is, by and large, good. Amid the tumult, our country remains a beacon of economic stability and security built on a foundation of sound financial management.” – Finance Minister Joe Oliver on delivering the federal Conservative budget
  2. “Canada has always done well when most Canadians are doing well — when we have a strong and successful middle class. The fact is, over the past 10 years, Mr. Harper’s plan has failed. We are not getting the economic growth, and we’re not getting fairness and success for the middle class. For 10 years, Harper has been ignoring the people who do most of the heavy lifting in our economy, who work longer and longer hours for an ever-shrinking piece of the pie and less and less financial security. Well, that’s not fair. And not only is it unfair to you, but it’s not good for the economy. We need middle-class Canadians to have money in their pockets to save, invest and grow the economy.” – Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau
  3. “Mulcair and his party have risen in the public’s esteem because they have presented themselves as a sure-footed alternative to the Conservatives and more credible brokers of change than the Liberals. But they have traded on what they are not. Their opponents are now demanding that their own record be scrutinized and that they be judged for what they, in fact, are. Caveat emptor.” – John Ivison
  4. “If the Canadian middle class is sinking, it’s under the weight of affection being lavished upon it by politicians.” – John Ivison
  5. “Protect their pocketbook. Protect their children. Win votes of parents. Win an election. That’s the Conservative playbook for the next five months.” – David Akin
  6. “The Conservatives know how to craft a message. Keep it simple. Keep it short. Reinforce everything all the time. Make the party’s four themes lock together: balanced budget, low taxes, smaller government, personal security. Mix in a little patriotism and Stephen Harper as a tried and trusted leader, and you have the Conservative campaign long before the election is called. All parties try tight messaging; the Conservatives do it best.” – Jeffrey Simpson
  7. “For generations, Liberals played the political game in a country that essentially had two players. The middle was their playground. Liberals have never had to thread the needle with a much larger NDP opposition outflanking them, making the party of the nuanced middle run the risk of pushing positions that could be interpreted as NDP-lite.” – Tim Harper
  8. “Over the next four months, Trudeau has to convince voters he is the real voice of radical change. Mulcair’s task is harder. He has to convince voters he is not.” – Thomas Walkom
  9. “The highest priority of any government must be protecting its citizens from harm. I believe that Canadians realize that we cannot stand on the sidelines while ISIL commits atrocities in the Middle East and promotes terrorism in Canada and against our allies.” – Prime Minister Stephen Harper
  10. “The Vatican has come out saying there’s genocide against Christians. The UN came out last week and said that ISIS is trying to commit genocide… Harper is kind of right in that there is a humanitarian imperative here, and not just ‘Harper’s war’.” – Kyle Matthews, senior deputy director at the Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies with Concordia University
  11. “If Conservatives are hoping to use it as a wedge (threat of terrorism, ISIL, Ukraine invasion), the other parties are trying not to let that happen. They’re trying to just neutralize this issue because they don’t want the election to be about security and safety.” – David Coletto, Abacus Data
  12. “You can’t have everything, of course, when you are shopping for a new Prime Minister. But it would be good to have something more than dark curses (Mulcair) and frothy hopes (Trudeau).” – Susan Riley

2 thoughts on “12 stellar elections quotes of past 6 months”

  1. Here are a few more from the past 6 months that deserve re-printing…

    • “Justin Trudeau stakes his political future on playing Robin Hood.” – John Ivison
    • “When someone in this country says it’s time to give the non-rich, non-poor in this country a break, to treat such people fairly and stop looking at them like rubes at a midway, I think that person has found a powerful narrative.” – Ron Corbett
    • “A Liberal collapse would actually swell the NDP ranks, supercharging the party and turning it into a political force capable of winning the next federal election. That is why Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s overall supreme strategic mission must be to keep the NDP and Liberals in a kind of equilibrium…” – Gerry Nicholls
    • “He (Thomas Mulcair) is the best Opposition leader in my judgment since Diefenbaker, and I think I’ve known them all pretty well. He’s building credibility both in the House of Commons and across the country, slowly.” – Brian Mulroney
    • “Progressives often get caught up with demonizing Stephen Harper for all the evil that he is, and that’s not how the majority of Canadians look at him. Even the more than 60 per cent of Canadians that don’t vote for Stephen Harper don’t think of him as an evil person, and don’t look at his policies as incredibly radical, so it’s important for progressives to speak in the frame that a majority of Canadians think in.” – Robin MacLachlan, a former NDP staffer, as interviewed in The Hill Times
    • “There’s so much in play that it’s like the opening game of the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs. Nobody can really say who is going to win the cup. It’s wide open… It’s going to be different in every respect. Nobody today has a playbook, or a prognosis that fits what’s going to happen.” – Patrick Boyer

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