Mainstream Media vs. Harper

Terence Corcoran of the Financial Post hammered mainstream media for its overt bias against Stephen Harper. Corcoran suggests media may be Harper’s biggest enemy with its unbalanced and biased coverage… He observes, “Picking HDF samples from the media is like picking apples from a tree in full fall production” in the must-read FP column:  Canada regains title as most reputable nation in the world despite Harper derangement frenzy

HDF? Here’s Corcoran:

…the Canadian media complex is in the grip of Harper Derangement Frenzy (HDF), which is an upgrade to hurricane status from Harper Derangement Syndrome, identified several years ago by Lorne Gunter as “an ideological hatred of Prime Minister Stephen Harper that is so acute its sufferers’ ability to reason logically is impaired.” The upgraded HDF extends the definition to incorporate the media hell-bent on a pre-election campaign to bring down the Harper government regardless of any facts.

HDF has been in evidence for some time, but as the election approaches the media are emerging as the Harper government’s biggest political opponent, bigger than the New Democratic or Liberal parties. The Media Party’s distorted handling of recent dribbles of economic data related to recession and deficits sets new records for overblown news creationism.

Corcoran concludes that the media is systematic and relentless in their opposition to the Prime Minister – most undeservedly so.

The Harper government will be thrashed and hammered day after day — by the media. Nothing Justin Trudeau or Tom Mulcair do will match what appears to be taking shape among editors, columnists, headline writers and reporters. They’re in the HDF zone, and the target is a sitting duck, allegedly alone in his office, a friendless man with no colleagues, no team, no strategy.

Lord knows the government has more than its share of bungles and bad policies to account for. But through the last decade, Canada has fared better than it has under many previous governments. It has certainly outshone the rest of the developed world in economic performance.

Again, this column is recommended reading.  And so too is the comments section. Within the comments there is one short piece that picks up on the HDS theme and extends it into a humourist Public Service Announcement. Funny…

Please help those afflicted with HDS (Harper Derangement Syndrome). HDS typically affects the ‘hard of thinking’ who have been told how to think and act by political partisans angry about losing their entitlements and access to the political trough. The first cases appeared in Canada in 2004. Triggers include any reference to “scary hidden agendas”, “hard right wing” or just the current PM’s name or hairstyle. Symptoms typically present as irrational mouth foaming hatred of the current PM expressed in online conversations twisting any event or comment ranging from subjects such as the weather to the price of Tim Horton’s Dark Roast, with poor spelling and grammar and occasionally in all capital letters. Irrational references to evil historical figures are often made. Those afflicted usually suffer severe selective memory loss concerning the actions of previous prime ministers. Sufferers may also approach normal people in social situations to turn a conversation on any subject into an irrational rant. Handle these situations with compassion and understanding, politely back away (“Excuse me, how very interesting, but I really have to use the washroom, get another drink, am late for my root canal, etc…”) Although the shouting may be painful, ejected spittle from the foaming mouth of the afflicted cannot transmit HDS to anyone rational. Please support your local Chapter of the HDS Foundation.

In all this humour, there are grains of truth that suggest a rather rough ride for the Conservatives campaign as reported in mainstream media.


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