Our fearless election prediction

PH10By George Journal’s editor, Chris George, is making public his predictions for the October 19 vote and his fearless seat-count forecast is being made at the very outset of this federal election campaign.  Here are a few general statements that serve as a basis for his predictions.

  • Stephen Harper will out-campaign his opponents and this will be recognized before the final vote. Justin Trudeau will campaign better than current thinking; Thomas Mulcair will disappoint Canadians outside of Quebec.
  • The election will centre on the health of the country’s economy and impending global financial crises. “Who do Canadians trust with their economic well-being?” will prove to be the ballot question. And the Conservatives economic arguments will resonate and provide some reassurances to worried Canadians.
  • A terrorist activity will occur during the election which will draw into focus the differences between Leaders’ approaches to combating terror. This debate will be heated and will galvanize core supporters in each of the respective Parties.
  • There will be a great deal of mud-slinging from all sides throughout the campaign and that will result in a public backlash and heightened cynicism heaped on all politicians. National voter turn-out will be low.

In allowing a 5-seat range for seat projections, Chris George is predicting a returned majority government with the Conservatives winning a slim majority of 175-180 seats. The NDP will return 105-110 seats. The Liberals 50-55 seats. The Greens will get a lone seat and the Bloc will scoop up the remaining number of seats (approx. 10) in La Belle Province.

By George Journal is interested in hearing your predictions…



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