10 self-motivating thoughts

By George presents a short list of constructive thoughts to repeat to yourself so that you might make the most of your day. These positive, motivating ideas will help you reconnect with your passion(s) about what it is you do best and all those things you wish to do better.

  1. Write your most important goal(s) down and be sure to look at it (at least) five times a day. Repeat your goal(s) to yourself when thinking of your next activity.
  2. Constantly picture yourself beyond your current circumstances. Dream of where you will be once you have succeeded in what you are doing.
  3. Spend your time around those who lift you up and encourage your vision, not belittle it. Pick your company wisely.
  4. Treat others how you want to be treated. Make every person you come in contact with feel good and you will get this treatment in return.
  5. Eat (and drink) to win. Eat healthy; stay away from junk food. Hydrate with water; drink less soda and/or alcohol.
  6. Exercise daily. Get a workout in at some point throughout your day. It gets your blood pumping and recharges your brain activity.
  7. Read something besides work-related materials 15-20 minutes daily. Just as our bodies need physical exercise, our minds need to stay mentally fit.
  8. Spend time in solitude to just think and visualize – and be sure to cut off all distractions. Think about yourself and who you wish to become. Forget your FB or text messages.
  9. Daily, think of five things you are grateful for… Be grateful for what you have and you will eventually end up having more.
  10. Keep a journal. Each day, record your thoughts, ideas and strategies.

In the days ahead By George Journal  will be posting inspirational and motivational articles to help our readership get in the right frame of mind for their post-Labour Day challenges. We will be referring to this series a “#onwardupward”. Check back with us right through Labour Day for posts to guide you through a full 360 degree review of your work goals and habits. In the end, it is hoped you will be better prepared and motivated to meet your challenges through the Fall months.


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