“Our Fearless Prediction” re the PM


Yesterday, having made the argument for the third time in as many days, it is time to put on record a “fearless prediction.”

In order to win the election and receive a solid, stable Conservative majority government, the Prime Minister will make a bold move within the last ten days of the campaign.

Facing the likelihood of a minority scenario with the prospects of Justin Trudeau holding the balance of power, PM Stephen Harper will announce that he intends on stepping down two years into a new mandate, in Fall 2017. He will make this announcement while urging Canadians to deliver another Conservative majority that can lead the country through mounting economic uncertainties and global troubles.

This announcement will dramatically change the way Canadians view the choice before them. The Conservative vote will immediately be shored up. And the many Canadians who are still uncertain of their vote will again consider the Tories with the relief their vote is not an explicit endorsement of Harper’s leadership.

Stephen Harper will tip his hand on his planned retirement in the early weeks of October because he wants to win that badly and Harper:

  • intends on retiring within the next few years anyway (he never wished to be a career politician, however he fancies being PM during the country’s 150 birthday celebrations);
  • cannot govern in a minority situation as he has difficulty compromising and cannot work with either Mulcair or Trudeau;
  • believes the opponents would readily gang up to move him out of 24 Sussex Drive and, with the polls indicating a weak minority government, does not want to live through that eventuality; and,
  • wishes to go out a winner and defy the left wing special interest groups and media who are working so hard to defeat him in this election.

PM Stephen Harper’s announcement in the late stages of the campaign will be that game-changer that will determine this election vote.

Reminder: By George predicted a Conservative majority at the outset of the campaign – click here.


(ed. – To my knowledge this retirement scenario has not been uttered by anyone, anywhere (yet). So, let our readership know that this is the first place they will have seen it…. And come Thanksgiving weekend, By George will either be crowing about the timing of this “fearless prediction” or we will hope all will have forgotten it.)

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