12 notable election quotes from August

Mulcair, Harper, Trudeau.(Chris Wattie/Reuters; Sean Kilpatrick/CP)

  • “Now is most certainly not the time for higher taxes, reckless spending and permanent deficits. Now is the time to stay on track, now is the time to stick to our plan. This election is also about security, not merely our security against the normal risks of criminal behaviour, but our security against the growing threats of an increasingly dangerous world.” – Prime Minister Stephen Harper
  • “Mr. Harper’s plan simply isn’t working, we know that. Incomes are flat lining and household debt is skyrocketing.” – NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair
  • “You have completely become disconnected from the reality that people are facing right across this country.” – Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau
  • [Mulcair-Trudeau exchange on Quebec separation] “I’ve fought for Canada my whole life. The only two people I know in Canada who are anxious to start talking about separatism again are Justin Trudeau and Gilles Duceppe.” Mr. Trudeau has an obligation, if he wants to talk about this subject, to come clean with Canadians. What’s his number? What is your number, Mr. Trudeau?” [– Thomas Mulcair; to which Trudeau responds:] “Nine. My number is nine. Nine Supreme Court justices said one vote is not enough to break up this country, and yet that is Mr. Mulcair’s position.”
  • “What I learned from my father is that to lead this country, you need to love this country, love it more than you crave power.” – Justin Trudeau
  • “The whole show was what Canadians probably want: Just earnest enough, no American-style viciousness, more ad argumentum than ad hominem. But, um, Stephen Harper is the prime minister. And he looked like one.” – Neil Macdonald on the Leaders Debate
  • “Holy high tax plan! The latest CBC poll-tracker projects the NDP is just 35 seats shy of an overall majority. A series of polls — perhaps the collective noun should be a guesstimate — puts the New Democrats in a clear lead, powered by support in Quebec and British Columbia. NDP types are bullish.” – John Ivison
  • “Canadians want to know Mulcair has the ability to put national interests ahead of his party, or a single province. It’s time for a clear answer, in both languages, from Mulcair.” – National Post Editorial
  • “Canadians are smart enough to do the math. They know you can’t be Tommy Douglas on a Stephen Harper budget.” – Justin Trudeau
  • “So what would CEOs-in-waiting Mulcair and Trudeau do differently? Mulcair’s centerpiece is to raise minimum wages and provide cheap day care. Trudeau’s is to tax Canada’s richest 1 per cent and claw back some benefits granted to retirees. These two are auditioning for a seat on a city council, not as a leader who can steer a nation-state through the shoals of a global economy with many moving parts.” – Diane Francis
  • “We must stop ISIS. We can accept thousands or tens of thousands, and maybe all the countries in the world together, hundreds of thousands of refugees, but ISIS left to its own devices will create millions, tens of millions, of refugees and victims on a monthly basis. If your policy is humanitarian assistance without military support, all you’re doing is dropping aid on dead people.” – Prime Minister Stephen Harper
  • “It’s not war-mongering to state the obvious, as Prime Minister Stephen Harper did Monday about ISIS. He said left to its own devices, the Mideast terrorist group will go on torturing and murdering innocent people and creating millions of refugees.” – Postmedia Editorial


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