12 notable election quotes from September

  • “It’s (the election is) more about change than it is about the specific agenda of either opposition party. As a result they don’t care if the NDP is in the lead, or the Liberals are in the lead as long as it’s not [Conservative leader Stephen] Harper in the lead.” – Darrell Bricker, pollster
  • “It would not surprise me if we see a lot more last-minute shoppers. For a lot of Canadians, they see that they’re faced with imperfect choices. And when you’re faced with imperfect choices, you’re going to wait to the end to see who’s the least imperfect.” – Nik Nanos, pollster
  • “We have reached the end of the “phoney war” stage of the campaign. From Labour Day on, the parties will be using live ammunition.” – Andrew Coyne
  • “I have spent my entire political career fighting against Mr. Harper’s narrow and meaner vision of what Canada can be and what the government should do. There are no circumstances in which I would support Stephen Harper to continue being prime minister.” – Justin Trudeau
  • “There isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell. There’s no likelihood that the NDP would ever under any circumstance be able to support Mr. Harper, his divisive politics [and] his backward economics.” – Thomas Mulcair
  • “So it’s a majority or bust for Stephen Harper…. This, in previous elections, is just what the Conservative campaign war room wants. They love the whole us-against-the-world fight, believing it motivates their volunteers, donors, and voters. And it’s worked before for them. By design or accident, Mulcair and Trudeau have just thrown down the glove. And the stakes in this election just got a little higher.” – David Akin
  • “I think the polls will serve to focus the mind. We are fighting for and we believe there will be a Conservative government. But the reality is this is a real choice for Canadians and an NDP government or a Liberal government are real possibilities. They are … telling us they will grow the economy, they will grow jobs and they will grow the middle class by raising taxes and running permanent deficits — that is their pitch to Canadians. That is the swamp land they’re trying to sell us.” – Prime Minister Stephen Harper
  • “These guys (the Conservatives) are the Timex campaign – It takes a licking and keeps on ticking. People are reading, week after week, bad news about the Tories. They’re not getting any good news. That’s very frustrating for the Tories but the fact that they’re still in the game is pretty remarkable.” – Greg Lyle
  • “Mr. Trudeau’s plan (for infrastructure renewal) is reckless and it is uncosted. Municipalities across the country are being asked to assume the cost of 60 percent of the infrastructure with only 8 percent of the tax base. That is not sustainable. What is also not sustainable is the old Liberal approach of leaving ten of billions in debt on the backs of future generations. We are going to be a reliable long-term partner for municipalities across the country. We don’t need the short-term thinking of the Liberals.” – Thomas Mulcair
  • “The long-term actually starts right now. Not five years from now, not 20 years from now, not after a few mandates of Mr. Mulcair in government. Canadians need help right now, and the fact of the matter is we have a situation right now where interest rates are low, so borrowing has never been cheaper for the federal government, our debt-to-GDP ratio is low and getting lower, the economy has been flat for 10 years. So my question is… if this is not the time to invest, what would be?” – Justin Trudeau
  • “He’s (Justin Trudeau) already spent the entire $10 billion, and he’s only just started making his promises. He hasn’t announced a single thing on health care. He hasn’t announced funding for his billion-dollar Kelowna accord policy….what will Justin Trudeau do? Will he abandon the promises he has already made? … Will he take future generations deeper and deeper into debt?” – Thomas Mulcair
  • “Question for Mulcair: Exactly how do we “play a positive role for peace” with terrorists?… It’s fair enough to only care about your own people and disengage from the world but then don’t pretend to be the party of humanitarian care and concern because what this really means is under Mulcair and the NDP, Canada would stand in stony silence and condemn vulnerable people in the region to the fruits of his apathy.” – Ezra Levant

And the By George Journal had to add this thirteenth quote, which will probably go down as the #1-most-remarkable-bonehead-utterance of this election campaign:

“Well, I didn’t know what Auschwitz was, or I didn’t up until today. There’s no malice intended. And that’s very important for me to communicate to the public, that there is no malice intended here.” – Alex Johnstone, NDP candidate apologizing for her Facebook post about her penis references describing the gates of the infamous camp


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