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Last week the By George Journal delivered two special edition election newsletters. If you did not receive them, here are direct links to the publications:

The Campaign Wrap

The Day After The Night Before

By way of a personal observation on the election results, By George Editor Chris George offers an introductory commentary in the post-election newsletter greeting.

Last night was a dramatic election finale, the very stuff that Canadian history is made of: and so ends a Conservative era and so begins a new era of Liberalism. Canadians wanted change and voters delivered that change in striking fashion.

     Justin Trudeau out-campaigned his opponents and provided an enchanting dream of a better Canada, a more generous government and a more optimistic approach to governing. With a positive message of tapping our Nation’s potential, he returns to Ottawa with a sizable majority and a solid mandate from all parts of this country.

     Trudeau has performed his own remarkable Trudeaumania with this campaign and expectations are high indeed for this son of a legendary Prime Minister. With great anticipation, he must assemble his cabinet team and provide the direction to both keep his bevy of promises and meet Canada’s social and economic challenges. And with this dawning of a new era, comes Canadians’ hopes and well wishes that Prime Minister Trudeau will succeed.

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