BGJ’s Top-10 Innocuous Sayings

Do you not find it irritating when you are looking for a response that might give some idea to what has just happened and your companion lowers her voice and lets escape a milquetoast statement…  In far too many conversations today, when discussing complex or involved issues, it has become customary to shrug and utter an innocuous statement that, rightly or wrongly, conveys tired indifference. The curt retort adds absolutely nothing to the greater understanding of the matter at hand and, more to the point, it often derails any further exploration of the subject.

For those who might have entered into the conversation to arrive at a better understanding of a situation, this is irritating – and, for us, these default statements have become a real pet peeve. (In fact, By George would prefer rather than the innocuous saying to hear the serenity prayer mumbled: Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, And wisdom to know the difference. But then again, perhaps, this too would become bothersome?)

To bring this subject into clearer focus and have people rethink their use of this conversational tactic, By George shares “Top 10 Innocuous Sayings” counted down to reveal our society’s most irritating utterance.

#10 – Oh well, nothing we can do about it…

#9 – Stupid is what stupid does.

#8 – Suppose, what goes around comes around.

#7 – And, so it goes.

#6 – Tell me something I didn’t know.

#5 – Nothing’s new under the sun.

#4 – Shit happens.

#3 – C’est la vie.

#2 – Whatever…

And, the number one innocuous saying in today’s society is….

It is what it is.

Truthfully, how do you feel when you hear this?! It’s a conversation stopper.


Do you use an innocuous saying to sum up your feigned indifference that is not in this top ten list? Please share.


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