About By George

The By George Journal is a collection of observations, topical articles and creative content from the desk of Chris George, wordsmith and amiable gadfly. The inspiration for his on-line journal arises from a desire to share ideas, provoke thought – and to provide bons mots and humourous pieces for use in the workplace and social settings.

Each year, the By George Journal sets down a new editorial line-up to bring fresh, interesting material to our readers.  We strive to ensure By George will be resourceful and relevant concerning issues that are both dominating the news cycles and your discussions at the office or social club. Further to this end, the By George Journal includes a broad range of material organized in the following categories:

Feature Section: news, articles and opinion pieces
The Lighter Side: humourous articles and classic jokes
Wordplay: an exploration of words and language
Words from the Wise: sage sayings, maxims and quotable quotes
Workplace Tips: self-improvement advice for your work

We share a plethora of quotes and memes. We offer insight and advice on effective writing skills and PR best practices. We post on a wide range of subjects: from our beloved game of hockey to “Big Government”; from priceless office humour to tips on how to run an effective meeting.

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