The Haircut

When campaigning along the streets of Toronto, Justin Trudeau ducked into a barber shop and asked the barber, “How long will this take, how much will it cost, and how good will the haircut look?”

The barber replied, “Just ten minutes, cost $20, and look marvelous.”

An hour and fifteen minutes later Trudeau looked into the mirror in horror and the barber handed him a bill for $200.

Trudeau gasped, “You took too long, it doesn’t look that great, and it is costing me ten times more than you said!”

The barber smiled and replied, “That makes us even.”



The joke was selected from Epic Political Jokes & Quotes – the 150-page-plus e-book bursting with funny guffaws, “shaggy-dog” stories and sideways jokes about politicians and politics. Read more about it here. Order your copy here.


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