A Spotlight on Canada-China Relations

A Prelude: Mounting Condemnation for CCP Misleading the World on Coronavirus

More than one hundred senior political figures and China experts from around the world signed the open letter describing the CCP’s role in allowing the virus to spread beyond Wuhan.

Part 1:  PM Trudeau Has No Comment

In Ottawa, as the cries for a probe of China’s actions mounted, the official comment from the Canadian Government came from the Prime Minister, who stated he would not comment. 

Part 2:  Critical Assessments 

Obvious posturing has raised questions and concerns by two Canadians who are eminently qualified to analyze Canada-China relations: two former Canadian ambassadors to China, David Mulroney and Guy Saint-Jacques.

Part 3: Political and Business Ties

What Canadians are witnessing is that our country’s relations with China are as much about political and business ties as they are about Canada’s foreign policy position.


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