March Nightmares (II)

one night you’re there

there is no answer to where you came from

hiding in my mind so long and then like

Athena bursting apon my head

you stretch, sigh — and change the sheets

you had given all your love as you sank

onto the mattress — the body heat buring

the stale air of the room

can I breathe?

what are you doing

hiding away in those covers when

I am annoyed?

do you think you can live that way?

I am less than… what I am… to you

so turn, squirm, and groan for the one

who is not beside you, for there was no

name left by that creature that just

crawled out from under moments ago.

and in the dark of the night

when my side of the bed is cold

can you deny that you will find somebody

to fill that space?


– Chris George

March 1982 

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