Dreams of Will

out of this whirlwind of indecision

I plan to institute order.

I plan to march through the chaos

and plant my flag triumphantly.

to struggle into, topple over, move aside

with cries of victory and then peaceful songs

fistful of flowers to be replanted.

smiles and wisps of laughter, a dance of joy

and all from the pushing, the serious intent

the inspired labour – the sweat, the explosions of energy

the clearing of all hurdles / obstacles / enemies

the trudging over bodies

to establish an order and find a peace of mind.

I’ll be filling the hallowed holes reserved for faith

with might, discipline and

a powerful display of intellect, of will, of power

I will triumph with cannons, flags and trumpets blaring

bells of joy and freedom and victory

and then rest, a peaceful rest.

so, out of this whirlwind of indecision

I envision I will institute order.


РChris George 

December 1985 


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