Regis Philbin: “What I’ve learned”

He was American’s “#1 Favourite Morning Personality” – Regis Philbin.  Here’s Regis on his life’s lessons.

  • I understand the psychology of the average guy because that’s who I am.
  • I grew up in a house trailer in North Carolina with no indoor plumbing. You never forget the rainy, cold days when you’d have to go so badly and the only place was outside to the privy. Likewise, you never forget the real hot summer days, either. It was quite odorific, let me tell you.
  • No regrets. None. Not even the beatings when I was a child. I used those to learn and grow and benefit. I saw how dysfunctional marriages work and was not going to have one. And I don’t. Linda and I have probably had five or six arguments in our thirty-eight years of marriage.
  • You have to learn from everything. It’s like the old expression: If it doesn’t kill you, it makes you stronger. That’s really true – if you work at it.
  • I’m opinionated. I’m a disciplinarian. I’m real big on respect. I was on the road a lot. And I’m sure when I was home, the kids wanted me back on the road.
  • I never met a man who was better than me. At the same time, I’m no better than anyone I’ve ever met.
  • The world is a complex place. Very complex. Often you will find that the people you think are the good guys aren’t. And the people portrayed as the bad guys aren’t that bad. I’m not necessarily saying they’re good. But they’re not that bad. They’re misunderstood.
  • When you can’t fathom, that’s God.
  • If I could meet anybody, it’d be Martin Luther King Jr. I’d like to know what it was like to be him. He was without a doubt one of the greatest orators of all time. He took such risks – unfortunately, the ultimate risk – for what he believed in. he changed America a lot, and all for the better. I’m not saying he was a saint. None of us are.
  • When you can thrill an audience, it’s second only to being able to cure a disease.
  • Giving it to the audience is probably the easiest thing to do. Finding out what they truly want is probably the most difficult.
  • I don’t work. My work is not work. I love what I do.


(Ed. – From a 2005 Esquire magazine column “What I’ve learned”)

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