MP Speaking Out on Anaphylaxis in Parliament




On December 7, MP Dean Allison hosted a luncheon of Members of Parliament to discuss anaphylaxis and how the federal government might address issues surrounding this increasingly prevalent medical condition.  The next day, Mr. Allison rose in the House of Commons to make this comment:


Mr. Speaker, yesterday I had the pleasure of hosting a working luncheon to discuss anaphylaxis with a group of colleagues from across party lines.

A growing number of Canadians face daily the potential of life threatening allergic reactions whether it be to a food product, medication, insect bite or other triggers. For the 1.3 million Canadians who suffer from anaphylaxis and especially for parents of young children with the condition this means living with constant worry and anxiety as they try to avoid coming into contact with a substance that could lead to a fatal reaction.

While there is no known cure for anaphylaxis the good news is that with education and awareness collective steps could be taken by society than can greatly reduce the risk of anaphylaxis reactions and allow sufferers and their families to lead more normal lives.

Thanks to all the stakeholders who helped organize and present the luncheon and to all the members who attended.  I look forward to my colleagues for the support of my motion on anaphylaxis, M-546, when it comes before the House next year.


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