Time to investigate Trudeau government’s ties with China

It is unsettling to consider why the Trudeau government has been so evasive on a review of the facts relating to the CCP’s activities in Canada. Last month I wrote two columns detailing specific reasons why Canadians must demand a thorough investigation of the seemingly tight relationship between the Trudeau government and the CCP.

Links to those columns are below – as are links to other related articles.

To get to the heart of the CCP influence within the country, any serious public probe must go beyond a couple of federal elections and the possible CCP interference in the political process. Given the manner the Trudeau government attempts to sweep scandals under the rug, perhaps we are best served with multiple parliamentary inquiries instead of an official public inquiry that will drag on for too long and allow the PM and his ministers the foil required to avoid answering any questions relating to China.

There are multiple ways the country’s independence has been potentially compromised by undue influence from the CCP. Here is a listing of the ten critical issues that should prompt a Liberals-CPP review. Again, further details on these issues can be found in the original published articles.

10 – Defending the Canadian arctic 

The CCP’s mounting interest in the north is an international crisis in the making, referred to by Canadian officials at National Defence as the “Arctic threat.” Why the Trudeau government is knowingly neglecting to defend Canada’s interests in the north?

9 – The establishment of a foreign agent registry 

For years in the Canadian security community there has been an ongoing call to establish a registry that would require foreign state-employed persons acting within the country to make public their objectives and to disclose the government employing them. The Liberals continue to delay – but to what end? Canada continues to be an outlier with its allies when it comes to guarding against CCP activities within its country – but at what cost?

8 – Federal investment in China 

The Trudeau government has been slow to suggest guidelines or restrictions on investments by Canadian government agencies in China. It is also slow in making recommended changes respecting the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. Canadians deserve an explanation on the Trudeau government’s policies and investments in China.

7 – Ottawa’s “mishandling” of foreign intelligence

Canada’s spy agency warned the government of CCP threats to MPs and their families through briefing memos to the most senior of cabinet ministers and staff, including the Prime Ministers’ Office. Yet, ministers deny knowing of, and staff deny reading the memos.

6 – Canada’s response to China’s human rights violations against the Uyghur Muslims 

Yet, for years now the PM offers little more than platitudes when discussing human rights abuses in China and he will not comment on the CCP’s evil treatment of the Uyghurs. In fact, to this day, the official policy stance of the Trudeau government remains unclear and unstated. But why?

5 – CCP police and agents in Canada  

Repeated news reports and testimony before MPs in the past three months have underlined a disturbing truth that CCP agents are active in Canada, a threatening presence for Chinese Canadians. What is being done about this?

4 – The Trudeau Foundation 

Much has been exposed relating to the Trudeau Foundation’s questionable donations from Beijing. Canadians have also learned that the Trudeau Foundation has invested in Chinese companies that Canada has flagged as security risks. It is time to shed light on all the Foundation’s activities.

3 – Election fraud and interference  

Today, it is an accepted fact that in the 2019 and 2021 elections CCP agents in Canada worked to undermine the Canadian election process and support the Trudeau Liberals. Still, questions remain whether the Liberal Party has been a knowing party and/or willing partner in the CCP’s fraudulent activities.

2 – CCP–Liberal business interests 

The tangled web of CCP—Liberal business interests is thick. There are far too many potential conflicts here. All information relating to the interplay between the extensive business interests between Liberals and the CCP should be made public.

1 – The mysteries at the Winnipeg Lab

There are multiple mysteries relating to the Winnipeg Lab, the country’s highest-security infectious-disease laboratory, and its joint virus research work with the Wuhan Lab in China.Why has the Trudeau government been stonewalling every effort to get answers?

to the burning questions about the joint virus research and the missing fired scientists.  The Liberals have been held in contempt of Parliament and PM Trudeau prorogued the House and called an election to avoid having to provide evidence on this matter.

The original columns can be found in The Niagara Independent here: https://niagaraindependent.ca/the-case-for-a-full-blown-investigation-of-the-trudeau-governments-relations-with-china-part-one/  &  https://niagaraindependent.ca/the-case-for-a-full-blown-investigation-of-the-trudeau-governments-relations-with-china-part-two/

Previous related columns are here:  It’s now evident this national scandal is more than election interference – and Justin Trudeau is “obviously hiding something” & The potential quid pro quos between Trudeau Liberals and the CCP).

Photo Credit: Sean Kilpatrick of The Canadian Press

Chris George is an Ottawa-based government affairs advisor and wordsmith, president of CG&A COMMUNICATIONS. Contact: ChrisG.George@gmail.com

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