Facebook wall photos = Neanderthal’s hieroglyphics


Facebook wall photos are our modern-day hieroglyphics. We tweeted this observation the other day and nobody was interested enough to respond. Our hypothesis is that, with the growing array of social media tools available for our daily communications, people have lost the interest to write and to read. There’s no time for words when a graphic will do. No time for your fingers to hang over the key board and compose your thoughts when you can simply post a wall photo. The truth of the matter is that most would rather surf through a collection of wall photos than compose a paragraph of thoughtful prose.  

We have become a society of “the quick glance” with a carnivorous appetite for simple graphics, one-line slogans and photos to explain our daily thoughts and happenings. Facebook wall posters rule!  

We want it all related in graphic images, produced to fit our screen (no scrolling please!) – very much like the Neanderthals, who gazed at stick figures on cave walls to comprehend their life stories.

Agree? Disagree? Let us know by leaving your comments on this blog – or join the discussion on our Facebook page. You may wish to tweet us your thoughts… or, if you’d rather, go ahead and find an appropriate wall poster to explain what you think. (We promise to glance at it.)

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