The C.A.I. – a family affair for anaphylaxis awareness

Canadian Anaphylaxis Initiative (CAI) is a family affair that has at its core concerned mothers – Debbie Bruce, Gladys Vergis-Mayo, Cindy Paskey and Mindi Ferkul. These four mothers work tiredlessly at the many CAI volunteer activities.

The George Family is so pleased to be a part of the CAI and its efforts on behalf of our children and loved ones who have severe, life-threatening allergies. We are pleased to be working with families across Canada who are raising anaphylaxis issues with MPs and federal bureaucrats.

Currently we are urging people to connect with their MPs – and you can learn more about how to help the CAI cause on its website:

What are the issues? There are the 5-policy points:

Most recently, the popular OneSpot Allergy blog, written by Elizabeth Goldenberg, posted an article on the initiative – The CAI Requests Your Help .  Read it here:

Anaphylaxis is a very serious matter for tens of thousands of Canadian families – including a rising number of children with serve allergies to peanuts, nuts, milk and other allergens. You can help this awareness effort that is aimed at making our society more informed and safer. Contact the CAI and get involved.


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