10 Signs Your PR Career is Coming to an End

Here are 10 tell-tale signs that your public relations career is coming to an end – and that you should be turning your thoughts to retirement. 

  1. You not only know what a type writer is, you can remember how to change the ribbon.
  2. You cherish the memory of not having a cell phone, and still being able to get the job done. 
  3. When you drove to a client meeting, you jotted down the odometer readings from your dashboard so you could get reimbursed for travel. No Mapquest or GPS.
  4. You remember planning press conferences when reporters actually showed up.
  5. You remember the days when you actually spoke to reporters on the phone and faxed press releases to the newsrooms.
  6. When you called a newsroom to pitch stories, they were staffed by 12 full-time people, four weekend reporters, and a sports department that worked around-the-clock.  
  7. You know what a Rolodex is, and envied the overstuffed one of that grizzled media relations bigfoot down the hall.
  8. There was only 1 kind of mail. Spam was edible. Twitter was for the birds.
  9. Viral meant you needed to go home and get plenty of bed rest. 
  10. When asked how long you’ve been in the field, you have to pinch yourself. Then you begin to mumble. 

This wonderful material is reproduced and re-jigged from an article and comments first appearing in “10 signs PR pros should consider retiring”, written by Susan Young of Get In Front Communications. The source link is here.

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