New Note Cards Capture the Beauty of Nature

Niagara photographer Dave Demoe and wordsmith Chris George today have unveiled a series of seven scenic note cards, entitled “What a Wonderful World ~ Favourites Collection – Spring 2012.”

The note cards have photos from Dave’s 2011 trips to Africa, California, Nova Scotia, as well as his local treks through the Niagara Region. Each remarkable photo is accompanied by an inspirational quote to praise the beauty found within our “wonderful world.”

“I have been fortunate to see so much of the earth’s beauty,” says Dave, “and, with this first collection, I wanted to select a few, very different scenes to display the diverse richness of our world. I picked seven of my favourite shots from my recent travels in the last year to share.”

In early 2012, Dave partnered with his friend Chris to develop the concept of “What a Wonderful World.” Their enterprise will be creating products that feature the stunning photos snapped by Dave Demoe.

As a writer of inspirational and motivational materials, Chris has overseen the design and text of their first venture together. “I’ve chose specific quotes to accent each of the photos. It’s hard to add anything to the mastery of Dave’s camera work. I hope, though, the quotes provide a pause for reflection – perhaps, shed new light onto the photo.”

The 5 ½ x 4 inch note cards and envelops are being sold in packages of 14 (two complete sets of 7 photos per package). You may purchase your notes cards on-line via PayPal for $15, including postage and handling costs.

Visit and the By George Store at for more information.

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  1. Clyde Hodder

    Totally awesome…with the God-given talent you both possess in your fields of excellence, this venture could be nothing less than a winner. Very best wishes. Clyde


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