A Good Weekend-Read

Last week, CG&A COMMUNICATIONS circulated “The Latest”, our corporate e-newsletter. It is best described as “an ear-marked e-mail filled with “those-items-you-would-have-liked-to-see” (if you had the time, and weren’t washed away with in-coming messages).”

The Latest: A By George Delivery   

The e-newsletter featured “the good stuff” from our By George Journal – some of the more interesting posts from the first months of 2012. Here’s what you will find: 

  • Rejuvenate yourself – thoughts and questions to a more productive day
  • A helpful repost, “Tips for starting your week”
  • 10 simple truths smart people will forget
  • The Arena: a Lens onto Life – a poem about hockey and youth and parents (most viewed BGJ page of the last three months)
  • Chris George’s 3 Simple Rules for Writers
  • Albert Einstein: 10 Life Lessons – and more
  • The #1 Love Song (ever)
  • The Remarkable Video-Game Industry
  • BGJ’s inspirational posts
  • BGJ’s motivational posts
  • A new release:  Note cards capture the beauty of nature
  • Our announcement of the revamped company website: By George! Take a look now!
  • Everything you ever wanted to know about the classic Buffalo-style chicken wing 

The e-newsletter also updates you on our volunteer efforts related to anaphylaxis advocacy, and provides information on our growing e-bookshelf and our company’s social media services.  

If you have missed it, this weekend have a read of The Latest: A By George Delivery.

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