Photographer Dave Demoe & “What a Wonderful World”

For over 25 years, Dave Demoe has been passionate about taking pictures. It’s been his hobby and pastime. When I first met him, he was snapping shots for our university residence newspaper. He’s always had a camera in his hand… I don’t think I ever remember a time Dave has not taken photographs.

Recently, the two of us launched a venture “What a Wonderful World” and, as a first project, we released a set of note cards. On the cards, Dave’s eye for natural beauty is clearly evident. In his own words, here is Dave’s perspective on his photo-taking adventures:  

       “I feel like I’m on this endless scavenger hunt, trying to find the most interesting location or structure or flower, whatever it is; and then framing that wonder so that people will need to take a second look, or they will actually say out loud, ‘Wow, now that is a thought-provoking photo!’  

       “At the end of the day, I know my passion for this activity comes from my joy of “being one with nature” and being able to escape the daily worries and hassles of work and life. Truly, it’s even more… Trekking along an escarpment trail is my form of refuge and it provides the “peace of mind” by being in God’s beautiful creation, being able to enjoy the abundance of beauty that truly surrounds us both locally and far away. There is just so much for humans to see, experience and absorb. I believe a great photograph can share the experience and a great photo can “tell a thousand words” if taken properly. I suppose this is my immodest goal that I strive to reach each time I pick up my camera and head out the door.”

Dave has a website Dave Demoe Photography where you can get access to his Flickr account and Facebook page.

You can order the What a Wonderful World note cards on-line ($15 for 14 cards) via the By George Store.

(ed. – This is a repost from May 2012)

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